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ANNCast Episode 036 - Shermanator Salvation

ANN: What a show we have this week! It starts out slow - a bit about Nicholas Cage, some Dragon Ball Z Kai chat and a rare obscurity Justin found, and then it's a blowout about Hetalia - Axis Powers, which Justin and Zac can't agree on. One of us thinks it's utterly worthless, the other gives it a pass. But who is who?! Listen and find out!!

Then we have our interview with Eric Sherman, the CEO of Bang Zoom! Entertainment who recently set the online anime community ablaze by proclaiming that "anime is dead". What did he mean by that? We get to the bottom of it, and along the way talk a bit about Bang Zoom's history, their future, the future of dubs, and some other fun tidbits along the way. We also talk about the rumored ethical issues with the Nanoha and Familiar of Zero dubs, discover that the Bang Zoom offices are not entirely unlike Pankot Palace, and then it's Twitter time! Fun for everyone!

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