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Developer: 30% of Kodansha Manga Rejected by iTunes

The ZDNet Japan website posted the second part of an interview with Masaaki Hagino, the president of the e-book development company Voyager Japan, on Thursday. While the first part dealt with the overall trends of e-books, the second part dealt with the digital rights management (DRM) and censorship issues that his company faced while releasing e-manga. Hagino and his company advocated a shift away from copy protection, and he described DRM as an "illusion" for the flawed sense of security it provides.

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Myst4586d ago

Sad to see that manga was being disallowed on the iTunes store because it depicted 'too much blood' which is stated as one of his reasons. Sad to see, hopefully they will bring some manga over to the Android store, I'm sure those with an android phone and adore manga would love this; which includes myself.

Archaic4586d ago

It is rather disappointing, particularly since you basically can't install anything to the iPhone (or iPad) without it going through the Apple store. Yet another reason for more open platforms IMO.

Myst4585d ago

Wow from what I've heard it has some rather heavy censorship on the i[anything] store particularly the iPhones. What I don't truly understand is why the developers only look to the iPhone. It may just be me but with other viable options and an ever expanding market base on smart phones why just one? Android seems to be about as on par with the iPhone [strictly looking at things it can do rather than technical stuff].

Well I just hope they think to look to it in fact after posting this I'm going to check the android market for manga.

dizzniisan4585d ago

Sad to see that so many companies still lack and true vision of internationalisation. Why apply American censorship laws to users elsewhere in the world? They're just encouraging literary piracy.

Myst4585d ago (Edited 4585d ago )

Just checked the android market even though I should have done so when I posted. It's even applied to some of the manga apps on here as well. The reasoning someone listed in the comment section for a few manga series disappearing is: Loli, Violence to women, and nudity. Then again it's connected to onemanga and mangafox I believe so in a way kind of makes sense.

Overall though sad to say but you know how people are sometimes always trying to impose their beliefs and thoughts upon others.

[edit to add]
What would really be nice is some sort of Anime streaming app. Even if it means having to pay for it in the end it would most certainly be worth it. Manga is a great start, but having both on the go would be even better :D.

Archaic4585d ago

I know some telecommunication providers here in Australia offer streams of the Animax Asia channel as part of a mobile TV package for mobile phones, which isn't platform specific. I think you're more likely to see implementations like that before proper on-demand streaming, if only because it involves a lot less backend on the part of the carriers, and because it can be done in a totally platform non-specific manner.