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FUNimation Adds More Free Anime

Mania writes, "FUNimation has a slew of new anime episodes available across multiple streaming services this past week including all of Trinity Blood in Japanese making its debut on their own site. Hetalia continues to have new episodes brought out and Initial D is moving right along ahead of its DVD release. Birdy the Mighty: Decode also has its prologue piece brought out this week which was great to see. What are you watching from the list below on these services?"

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Hitman07694532d ago

Everybody loves FREE! :)

Archaic4532d ago

They certainly seem to be adding these at a very quick rate. We had a story on here only a few days ago from the same source, but I just checked, and it's a completely different list. That's a whole lot of anime.

Hitman07694532d ago

@Archaic Sweet! I will be sure to check these out!

Barbapapa4531d ago

finally i have something to watch this summer break.

Hitman07694531d ago

Exactly, there was really no question that it would be Anime with all the "great" movies coming out (*sarcasm)..

Myst4531d ago

Must watch some of these tomorrow or if I'm not tired, today after work. Been to long since I've actually sat down and watched anime.

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