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IGN: Dragon Ball: Season Four DVD Review

Part of the fun of Dragon Ball is that it isn't Dragon Ball Z. That's not exactly a knock on the series' more famous sequel – it's still fun to watch in its own particular way – but Dragon Ball is more interesting when it's doing its own thing, with more of a random, episodic feel.

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stb4595d ago (Edited 4595d ago )

Meybe the bad score is just meant for the bad english dub that funimation did with this series, it was so terrible, oh my s@cking god...

Dub go like this,Japanese > Lat Spanish > > English > Spanish Spain.

If it wasn't the dub, these guys are just a bunch of haters, watching this series lately after 10 years and it still kick on me more than whatever series related to the genre had came out lately these latest years, cough cough bleach, one piece, naruto cough cough lol...just call that a recycle of what dragon ball/Z have done already with a few add like ninja stuff and pirates...oh well they aren't bad but never better than Dragon ball...just newbies to this can tell those piece of series are better than DB/Z.

Enough said.