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FBI shuts down comic scan site

The FBI has served a warrant to the owner of the comic scan website, shut down the website, and confiscated its servers over alleged criminal copyright infringement...

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iforgotmylogin4529d ago

i wonder if they will do the same with the online manga sites...

Archaic4529d ago

Honestly, I'm surprised that some of them haven't been targeted already. The online manga reader sites I would've thought would be of great concern, but so far all the companies have been doing is getting them to take down individual titles, not trying to get the site removed itself.

stb4529d ago

Me too, until when.

Myst4529d ago

I'm hoping it won't get to that point, and probably wont unless VIZ and various other Manga providers tried to stop all of them. Though to do that it would have to be something around the clock and block outbound connections to Japan as well as inbound for when receiving. I'm just assuming they are going to have it here for thus of us who will purchase it down the line anyway knowing that most people probably won't but then there are those that will.