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Japanator: Angel Beats makes mad ratings, we deign to pick it up

Stephen Tolentino writes: "I initially dismissed Angel Beats! on the appearance of its protagonist, and I'm reasonably sure that I wasn't alone at the time. Now, new ratings reports from broadcaster MBS have inspired me to give the show a chance."

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stb4589d ago

What is the full crp with this series...another haruhi with another wig.

Archaic4589d ago

While the character design of that girl is far too similar to Haruhi, I agree, the story does stand on its own. The series really does deserve to me judged on its own merits.

Reibooi4589d ago

Having followed the ANN preview of the season I read all the reviews and summeries of all the new shows this season. Angel Beats caught my attention for a few reasons.

The show looks beautiful.

The show had involvement from members of Key(creators of Air, Clannad, Kanon, Little Busters etc)

The story is very original and interesting.

Having read what was there I was pretty certain this would more then likely be one of the shows from this season that will get licensed for a US release.

Also the main character looking alot like Haruhi was a bit blown out of proportion. It really only happened because Haruhi is as popular as it is. If Haruhi was a no name anime/light novel series no one would have made a big deal out of it. There are only so many ways to design a character and there are 100's of characters that look nearly identical from different series.

Archaic4589d ago

I'm not certain I'd agree that the show is beautiful. They have had some fairly significant animation gaffes. ^^;;; I presume they'll be fixed up for the DVD release though.

Reibooi4588d ago

The little mess ups I had seen(over on Sankaku) were more goofs that were like "why is that table suddenly bigger? Why did that object move from one side of the room to the other"

Those types of things don't effect the beauty of the show in my opinion. The show still has great character design(Haruhi clone not withstanding) and a beautiful look to it(again at least from what I have seen. I have not watched any because I am hoping it gets licensed I base all this on pictures I have seen).

dgroundwater4589d ago (Edited 4589d ago )

I am interested in this show. Is there any legal online streaming source to watch this subbed? Or are there any good fansubs someone could recommend?

Archaic4589d ago

There is no legitimate stream for the series, except maybe watching the broadcast live over a service like Keyhole TV. Can't recommend any fansubs for legal reasons. ;) There are good ones out there though.

dgroundwater4589d ago

Yeah I found the sauce. Not gonna let the feds keep me down ;)

Gestalt4588d ago

The show isn't really all that bad. I just hope that Key's involvement turns it into something more than just a Haruhi clone.