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Japanator (Doesn't) Recommend: Clamp Double Feature

I love how Funimation is supporting Blu-ray by releasing nearly all of their current shows on the shiny, hi-def format. I wish more companies were as ambitious in pursuing Blu-ray, considering a lot of shows that I currently lust over are available across the ocean.

However, that's not to say that everything needs a release on the Rays of Blu. I'm sad to say that the Clamp Double Feature is one of those releases. Follow me after the jump to find out why.

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Reibooi4521d ago

Owning both the Blu-ray and the DVD i have to say that I disagree with this review. While the video isn't that much better(being an upscale it makes since) the sound is MUCH better. Everything is clearer and requires less volume to get that movie theater style punch to it.

With the DVD if you jacked the volume up everything was overly loud. With the blu-ray you can do that same thing and the characters seem to be talking a normal level of sound but the action scenes are much louder as they should be. That alone makes the sound far better then the DVD and considering they are the same price would put the Blu-ray over the DVD for me.