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Ask John: Is Manga on eReaders on the Way?

With the grow of E-readers like the iPad, Kindle, and sony reader, will anime companys try to get there Manga to be read on them like books is at a charge...

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jwalkerz4518d ago

psp is goin to have manga available to download soon

klado4518d ago

Read it in a physically manner, or in my pc, psp's screen is nothing but bad for big scale in mangas, letters tend to be too small.

Or is there a good tool for read manga, cus really, I hate the psp way of doing stuff hence reading, any tool to manage RAR files!?

jwalkerz4518d ago

u can zoom in on psp i thhink

Archaic4518d ago

I have to agree with klado, I wouldn't find reading on a PSP or similar device to be convenient at all. I could stand a computer screen (though only because I have a huge monitor), or something like an iPad, but a PSP screen would just be way too small, and having to zoom in and scroll my way around the screen would just be awkward.

Tetsuryu4518d ago

To add to what TVXQ had stated, yes you can zoom in. The text (at the default viewing distance/zoom) is as clear as day and this is coming from someone with poor vision. The ability to go from one panel to the next without panning around is certainly a major plus in my books. However, I'm sure the files would have to be formatted for the platform to utilize said features.

Tetsuryu4518d ago (Edited 4518d ago )

Just to clarify, I was referring to the Digital Comics application for the PSP and not the default image viewer. I apologize if my previous post caused any confusion.