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Death Note is coming to Blu-ray... just not the anime version.

Warner Home Video and Viz Video are teaming up once again to deliver the latest anime craze in Death Note to Blu-ray, in live-action format on August 24, 2010. The Death Note Collection will be a double feature of the live-action version of the popular series, whose anime was a smash hit for adult swim's import line-up. Here's the official synopsis:

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Reibooi4527d ago

That's pretty disappointing. I am willing to bet that the Death Note anime would gain alot more on Blu-ray then those movies will. HD masters or not.

I would really like to see Viz start thinking about Blu-ray. I would LOVE to see the first Bleach movie on Blu-ray. It was a movie so it has a HD master and it would look very pretty on Blu-ray.

jwalkerz4527d ago

anime dont look good on blu ray. i have skycrawler on blu ray and it doesnt look great

Reibooi4527d ago

Sorry but you are wrong. There are a lot of things that factor into a anime looking good on Blu-ray or not. The biggest being if the show was animated in HD or not.

The fact of the matter is that the vast majority of anime on Blu-ray is not HD it is merely up scaled and thus will not look as good as one may imagine it to.

However when something is mastered in HD it looks incredible. A good example of this is Evangelion 1.11. The blu-ray looks VASTLY superior to the DVD and it's because that movie was animated in HD and thus has a HD master that makes it look incredible.

That aside companies in the US and Japan are still figuring out the best way to up scale something to make it look better then the standard DVD. Funimation may have finally hit their stride in that department with the Ouran Highschool Host Club Blu-ray which pretty much everyone agrees looks better then the DVD and it was not mastered in HD.

klado4527d ago

Never figure why people like these movies...they are just plain bad imo.

jwalkerz4527d ago

their live action dats y

Myst4527d ago

It was pretty 'bad' in it's own way, but it was also somewhat enjoyable. I guess it's because I was actually able to see 'L saves the world' in my movie theater that I had a bit of high hope for the movie. Only one worth somewhat watching in my opinion...