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Summer Wars to be Screened in London in May

The Barbican performing arts center in London will be hosting a May 25 double billing of Summer Wars, the award-winning film from Mamoru Hosoda (The Girl Who Leapt Through Time), and the Japanese/Korean animated spinoff video based on Electronics Arts' Dante's Inferno game...

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klado4591d ago

Was solid, had lot of feelings into it, loved the family affairs all over the running film, but it just fell off so bad when the final scene poped, making the series another cliche in my eyes, but it was good nontheless but the end...

The girl: I can't... I can't beat him...
The whole world: please use our power, you can...
The girl: I feel the power, iiiiaaagh.
The end

Anime is just so, oh well, guess I'm getting to old to like repeated stuff all over, love me some classic better.