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IGN: Naruto Season 3 Concludes

Just like clockwork, if there's one thing anime fanatics can anxiously await every month, it's more Naruto from the distribution team of Warner Home Video and Viz Video. This time around marks the release of the third season's second uncut volume, due for DVD release on August 31, 2010, for the MSRP of $49.95. You can expect six discs packed to the brim with episodes, over 11 hours worth, to be exact, of the third season's second half.

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stb4520d ago

WORST DUB EVER...WOW, I just can't bring myself to watch this after watching the japanese version, even knowing this cr@p'd down version is censored...guess its score will be just the same as dragon ball from IGN...the dub just kill it, all dub but japanese's.

jwalkerz4520d ago

no. its not censor. the dialect may be different from japanese version. buts thats just it

klado4518d ago (Edited 4518d ago )

Why does it sound like you like the Dub for this series, heaven spare your ears and soul, it just makes my ears bleed, sure with no jokes.

Naruto sound like a retard, cant help, love not read sub but when a dub is just bad...sub please thanks you, dub is to important to get a hold with the characters after all, sub are just there.

And yea it is kind of censored, when naruto transform to the girl, they dress her with some kind of yellow bikini where as none appear in the Jap's v, so yea it is censored, but after all, the show is for kids, dub make it so.