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ACEN 10: FUNi announces Eden of the East, Casshern dubs

What, you thought the only thing FUNimation was doing today at ACEN was announcing hot new licenses? Well, they also paraded out some new voice acting casts for the dubs of their upcoming titles. Casshern Sins, Corpse Princess and Eden of the East were all brought out...

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klado4576d ago (Edited 4576d ago )

Of the latest time Eden of the east, quite something, if you sure want something interesting and new, watch this, so hoping for the dub, lets see when funi set the date.

Cashen sin for the other side, ummm, didn't like it that much to continue watching it through stream, but it was a nice remake to watch, best episode of the series, the first episode can buy you for sure, rest of the series too slow so no, but woth the watch.

Gotta buy this as well, nice add up to the rest of the cr@p they mentioned.