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Visual Guide for Summer 2010 Anime Season released

Following from an early draft of the chart leaked by earlier this week, well known 4chan personality Chartfag has released the first version of his chart of upcoming anime in the Summer 2010 season in Japan.

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Archaic4573d ago

Just for the record, since someone actually put in a report on it...this isn't a duplicate to the story already posted a day or two ago. That story put up a very early leaked draft of the chart. This is actually the first proper release version of the chart, with more information.

klado4572d ago

See, didn't figure, since saw all the titles there in this, sry for the miss conception.

Gestalt4571d ago

Ah, Chartfag. Been using that for a long time now. :D

fatstarr4570d ago

what would i do with out this guys charts every season.