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First Footage For Live Action GANTZ

Some actual footage broadcast from NTV's entertainment news show for Shinsuke Sato's upcoming two-part live-action adaptation of Gantz has been uploaded on Youtube...

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klado4517d ago

Is this allowed, or does it need to be in Filmwatch?, since it is related to gantz, so marked it with manga type since the movies are based to the mangas.

klado4517d ago

Anyway, and now I sit and think, what was it with the fox industry investing more than 100 millions of dollars to DBZ movie where as solely watching this and guessing there won't be such of an amount of money like that over this flick, still this look way better than that piece of crap of a movie would ever ever ever be.

Yet can't take the line off my mind of...goku I'm your father from piccolo...oh my sucky god.

Why japan..why didn't you take the lead with a good DBZ movie..why, why, if most stuff hence samurai are a bunch of flying monkeys, oh well, next bleach...

Archaic4517d ago (Edited 4517d ago )

It could actually be posted to both.

I have to agree with what you've said there though. The Japanese movie studios do turn out quite good films on relatively small budgets compared to the Hollywood blockbusters. I can only imagine the reason they're not trying to do Dragonball is because it's a fairly old hat for them now, but I wouldn't be surprised to see more manga and light novels be made into live action drama and movies over the next few years.