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Bandai Entertainment Clarifies Status of Its Sola License

The American anime distributor Bandai Entertainment has confirmed with ANN that the company still holds a license for the sola romance television series. Section23 Films announced on Friday that Sentai Filmworks has licensed the 15-episode sola series, and Section23 will release a boxset of the series in August...

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Archaic4509d ago

How exactly does this work? Did the series get licensed twice? Did Bandai get its license revoked without them being aware of it (with the Japanese assuming it happened before with that merger between Bandai Visual USA and Bandai Entertainment?

Reibooi4509d ago

There is alot of speculation right now as to what exactly this means. Some think it's just a screw up and somehow both Sentai and Bandai have the rights.

Some think this is a rights spilt. I.E Bandai has DVD rights and Sentai has Blu-ray rights.(which is unlikely because the new Sentai release is a DVD not a blu-ray) If you look at what bandai said they said they still own A license to Sola. They never said DVD or home video rights. Which is leading alot of people to believe they may not actually own the what people think they do.

I for one don't know if there is a good answer. Bandai already released Sola on DVD so regardless of if they lost the rights or not it's already out there to buy so unless Sentai dubs it(which they are not as far as I am aware) there is no reason for anyone to buy their more expensive release.

Honestly Bandai didn't clarify anything it seems they just confused people more.

Gestalt4508d ago

No! One of my most favorite animes of all time is in an impasse!

Well, hopefully it'll end up in good hands. I've yet to buy the DVDs to add to my collection.