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Ask John: Why Hasn’t Crayon Shin-chan Been Successful in America?

Question: Why hasn’t Crayon Shin Chan caught on in the U.S.? It’s got the same low-brow humour of a Ken Akamatsu series – albeit with more a sophisticated take; it occasionally embraces popular shonen fantasy tropes; and the FUNimation re-write of the dub has gotten positive reviews. My theory for why the manga never took...

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klado4575d ago (Edited 4575d ago )

People are liking stuff like simpson over this, but in serious, this show has... let me see..., since I'd 12 years old, and today's day it still the same kiddish sht all over, point me in on the Simpson > this or even south park, even being the same, you give the laugh at for the least.

Archaic4575d ago

It hasn't been successful because it has too many cultural elements to appeal to mainstream "family" western viewers, and because it's generic enough that it's "mystique" as an anime series is lost to fanboys. There's just now a wide enough market for it.

Reibooi4575d ago

Personally I think the main reason it hasn't been successful is because Funi never gave the series enough of a push.

The series is almost like Family Guy in that it's simply a comedy about a family. The problem is that Shin-Chan is not really a anime. By definition it is but if you look at how it's treated in Japan it's not. It's on prime time there and has many successful movies. It's really like the Simpsons of Japan.

However Funimations release of the show treated it like a everyday anime instead of trying to have it be a show that could possibly be main stream(which due to Funimatoins complete reversioning of the show I think it could. Many of the cultural things are gone and it's much more US aimed)

They should have pushed to get it on a more mainstream channel and during a good time slot. With the right ad campaign I think it would have worked. But at this point we will never know.

RememberThe3574574d ago

Got the first season. I've been hooked since the first time I saw it on Adult Swim. I agree with Rei, Funi should have pushed it more.

kraze074574d ago

I wouldn't say it's unsuccessful in the states, just not enough people know about it.

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