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Eva 2.22 Film Strip Reaches 80K Yen on Auction

A film strip that is included with the limited edition of the Blu-Ray release of Evangelion 2.22 has reached 80K yen on Yahoo! Auction. Considering that the pre-order cost less than 5K yen, that’s a 1600% profit gained, that is if the buyer is legit. Amazingly it was only 60K yesterday

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klado4574d ago (Edited 4574d ago )

Is pure gold...can say it is quite better than the series itself, something I hated the most throughout the whole series was shinji, wow, the guy got up to my gears going in its circle of girly-males-crying-wh@res hatred. I mean, there is nothing I hate the most in an anime than a male character as cryng some as shinji, and for so, most anime with such kind of character fails right in front of me.

Uugh, Movie though seem to have killed it just leaving the right thing that makes shinji someone to who appreciate, recommendable as best.