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Current Anime: House of Five Leaves – ep. 3 – Gradually Get Him Involved Review

Current Anime writes: "The last 2 posts I’ve gotten a real Omega Man feeling since I have no clue where everyone else has gone. Regardless though I must keep the posts up as best I can, and so I come at you today with House of Five Leaves, episode 3 “Gradually Get Him Involved.” This episode is a real eye-opener, especially for Masa (yes, I’ve come to call him that too), who realizes that despite these people doing semi-noble things and targeting the corrupt, are still criminals, kidnappers, and are motivated by their own desires. Really this episode could be used as a message to anyone good who may be blinded by the glitter and glamour people may offer, only to realize later or too late that they’re still criminals and out for themselves."

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