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Cosplay Olympics at London Film and Comic Con in July

Hundreds of cosplay groups attend the UK's largest anime cons. What if all these groups competed against one another in many awesome events with cash prizes at stake? Welcome to the Cosplay Olympics! [...]

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klado4498d ago

Will delete this source then, since this site is kinda tricky, they post the new in a post in the front page like a normal site, but the links redirect to the forum!

Sry for the problems, since I use feedly to take the news directly without checking the source, there it goes.

Archaic4498d ago

Oh, I see what's going on there. Huh...yeah, that's a bit awkward to include then. I'd be tempted to allow it, since they're just using their forums to enable a comments thing, but as soon as people see one forums thing listed as a source, they'll all be using them. ^^;