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One Fan’s Opinion: What if We Moved Gainax to America?

You all know that the anime industry in Japan isn’t doing so hot. Some starting animators make about ¥94,000 a month, which is about $1,031 dollars, but most make less than this. This is very, very hard to live off of here in the States, but in Japan where things cost a lot more it is almost impossible. However, in the states an animator can make about 35 to 60 thousand a year, which is a vast difference. So what would happen if an anime company, like Gainax for example, would pick up shop and move to the US?

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Gestalt4508d ago

Well, the American public isn't as receptive as Japan when it comes to anime, maybe they should take that into consideration, as well.

Reibooi4508d ago

Moving Gainax to the US would do nothing. Animators are payed so little because of how little anime is supported. Moving them to the US will not change that. It's simple fact to many people resort to fan subs and illegal downloads instead of putting money into the industry. The direct result is low pay for people in said industry.

Moving to the US would not solve that. In fact moving them to the US and having the US be their new focus would more then likely hurt them more.

Animators in the US are payed much more because they are supported much more. You don't hear about fans in other countries downloading Family Guy fan subbed. While I'm sure it does happen it doesn't happen on nearly the scale it does in anime.

Archaic4508d ago

It's not like most of the animation is still being done in Japan as it is. That's just the key animation. The drudge work is mostly done in South Korea (for high quality series) and China (for the rest).