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Rebuild of Evangelion 2.22 - You Can [NOT] Understand...

Fuzakenna writes: "The immediate satisfaction of watching 2.22 is finally not being in the dark anymore. ..."

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Gestalt4560d ago

Can someone please explain to me what the fuss about Evangelion is all about? I never really understood it, the plot was unexplainable, the characters were horrible, and I just about abhorred the whole damn thing.

I thought it had a horrible plot, and that those Japanese writers must have been smoking crack. Then Lost came out and the U.S. did them one better (full offense intended).

Archaic4560d ago

You do have to consider that it was a product of its time. The original series when it came out back in 1996 was really groundbreaking and innovative. There's problems with it, that's for certain, but it really was seen as giving a whole new lease of life on what was then the increasingly stale giant robot genre.

klado4560d ago

If you were or no an earlier adopter of the series, in its time I could say Evangeline was of the best that came out late these years, now it is just onother to the heap, not ignoring the fact of this being a interesting series, but in resume...

Evangelion = Bibble + Aliens + Mechas + un-explainable end, movies though seem to take that bar further without the un-explainable end (hope so) I'm starting to grow on these flicks, in short words, forget about the series, lets say the series was just a bad intro.

klado4560d ago

Evangelion no Evangeline.