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The Anime Review: Mushi-Shi

The Anime Review: Most wanderer shows are stupid. Think about it...was The Hulk ever going to find a cure by walking from place to place aimlessly? I can't think of a single episode where the guy (who was a genius) actually worked on a formula to tone down his hulkiness. Was Ken (of Fist Of The North Star) ever going to find the love of his life by going from town to town and blowing up the skulls of bad guys along the way? No, but he also had the brain of an ant. (No offense to any of my ant readers out there.) Usually, the wanderer motif is in actuality a reset device, one that makes it so that every single episode stands on its own. You can tell a bunch of stories that way, but the main character is often not as important as the new ones we meet every week. There are some exceptions that worked –- Quantum Leap, even though you broke the mold, I'm looking at you -– but generally, no dice. I like ongoing stories. Resets do not interest me.

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klado4496d ago

Series, pretty recommendable.