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New Thundercats Announcement Brings Toys, New Anime to America

Along with a new animated series, Warner Bros. has also teamed up with Bandai America incorporated to bring a new master toy licensee for the series.

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klado4571d ago

Studio 4C took this, oh my, so long I'm so emotionated for a series, this thing is my childhood at its early facets, 20 years later, uuugh lol.

But that picture seem very promising, hope they don't screw, but this studio has done some good stuff around though.

rezznik4571d ago

Halo Legends and the Animatrix were both fairly entertaining, so we'll see how this one is. I have high hopes.

klado4571d ago

Of Halo Legends are you talking about...?

One odds out was the best of them all not saying all the others were bad, but lacked in comparison, or maybe I'm being a bias toward the fact of that Ova being too akin to DBZ lol...

Was like if almost the guys in there were gohan and videl, anyway, studio 4c

rezznik4570d ago

I don't know...I enjoyed Halo Legends for the most part in its entirety. Maybe it's the fact that I already previously dived into the Halo mythos through books, but oddly enough I thought that the Odd One Out was the worst (not a DBZ fan.) My favorite was Homecoming, 'cuz well.....I like drama.