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ANN: Initial D: Stage 4 DVD Part 1 Review

Ryosuke Takahashi's Project D is in full swing, shipping Gunma's two preeminent racers out to other prefectures to challenge local teams on their home turf. With Takumi on the downhill, lesser Takahashi sibling Keisuke on the uphill, and Ryosuke's strategies backing them all the way, the team seems unbeatable. This, naturally, leads to some resentment. And Project D's online trumpeting of its triumphs doesn't help. But the winning isn't easy, and the races only get harder as Ryosuke pushes his proteges into ever more impossible match-ups in the name of relentless improvement. But improve they do, especially Takumi, whose increasingly uncanny skill heats up his long-standing rivalry with Keisuke. With pressures like that, who has time for a personal life?

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