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Dragon Age Animated Feature Film Forthcoming

In a rather surprising and unexpected partnership, the worlds of Japanese Anime and Western Gaming are colliding once again to bring a new untold chapter of the Dragon Age franchise to home video in 2011.

Dragon Age will be the first officially released fully featured animated film under FUNimation’s new Original Entertainment team after the company’s original initiative began in November 2009.

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klado4503d ago

Game was good enough, lets see this adaptation.

rezznik4502d ago (Edited 4502d ago )

Yah, I enjoyed the'll definitely be interesting seeing something from FUNimation's in-house production staff.

Reibooi4502d ago

Funimation isn't acutally making the project. They are co producing it. Basically they get a property to adapt in this case Dragon Age and then they bring it to a Japanese studio to adapt and animate and since they put money forward on it they are given the rights to release it in the US above anyone else.

The thing here is they are doing projects that have established audiences and as such may end up selling far more then your average anime which would in turn allow funi to release more.

Personally I don't care for Dragons Age. While the game itself is fine I'm not a fan of the whole Medieval D&D type stuff. Depending on what studio Funi gets to animate this I may give it a shot but will otherwise probably pass it up.

I do hope it performs well though as it will lead to perhaps better Co. Pros in the future and more normal anime as well.