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Ten of the Best Female Video Game Cosplayers Worldwide

Take note, Rosenqueen means ten out of the best. Meaning there are some more out there. Just give Rosenqueen some more time to feature them! So watch out for the rest of her ‘ten of the best’ features guys!

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Reibooi4496d ago

How number 2 got on there I will never know. The costumes are decent but she looks like a man in drag.

The biggest problem with cosplay is people try to do characters they don't look enough like. It can make a flawless outfit not work because the person wearing it doesn't fit the character.

Cat4495d ago

ouch, ruthless! ;)

I agree, though - I think they get attached to a character they *want* to look like. Most would be better off having a friend offer them some perspective and tell them who they should actually cosplay as.

Reibooi4495d ago

Yeah alot of my friend have given me a hard time about how picky I am about cosplay.

There are cosplays out there that most people think are great and I will think it's crap. The great thing about that is that when I do finally see something really good it's THAT much more incredible for me.

Archaic4494d ago

I'm inclined to agree with you both there. Far too many people dress up in cosplay of characters who they really can't pull off. Apologies to all those of us who are a bit overweight (I'm in the same boat, actually), but if you're trying to cosplay as an impossibly thin anime character and you're even slightly pudgier than average, you're just going to look a bit silly. Find the characters you can pull off first before picking something, and you'll probably end up doing better in the cosplay contests. ;)