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Legend of Galactic Heroes Wiki Project Launched.

A new wiki has emerged, for the classic, ridiculously epic animated space opera, "Legend of Galactic Heroes." It's only got 200 articles at the moment, so please lend a hand to let this wiki take flight!

Based on a series of novels by Tanaka Yoshiki, Legend of Galactic Heroes spawned four OVA series (for a total of 110 episodes) and multiple OVAs, beginning in 1988, with the most recent installment of the series in 2000. Among mecha anime fans, Legend of Galactic Heroes is frequently rated among the very best of the genre, alongside Mobile Suit Gundam and Armored Troopers VOTOMS.

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Archaic4495d ago

Ewww, Wikia. I'm all for independent wikis, but Wikia just turns me off with their business practises. They've taken far too many fandoms for a ride for my liking, and every time I see a worthy project like this being thrown on there, I can't help but despair when I think how much money Wikia is going to make off the hard work off the fandom.

Full Disclosure: In addition to being the Site Manager here, I'm also the webmaster of independent Pokémon wiki Bulbapedia, and founder of the Nintendo Independent Wiki Alliance.

Xof4494d ago

What's wrong with wikia, specifically?

Archaic4494d ago

Numerous things. My original NIWA Manifesto is a good starting place. You might also want to look up tfwiki and wikifur, and read their discussions on why they left Wikia.