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Ask John: What Can Fans Do the Help the Anime Industry Recover?

AnimeNation Writes; Question: I hear that the anime industry in America is in bad financial shape. I personally buy an anime DVD or manga whenever I can, but what else can a fan do to help the anime industry in the U.S.A.?...

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Reibooi4495d ago

Simplest answer ever.


If you can't do that then watch LEGAL streams.

Archaic4494d ago

Or buy access to legal streams, best of both worlds. ;)

Having said that, the anime industry itself in Japan needs to pick up its game. If all it's putting out there each season is generic moeblob stuff, then of course popularity is going to drop. A little more variety in the mass market offerings would be appreciated by many, I think.

Gestalt4493d ago

I do buy sometimes, but for the most part, the mangas/animes that I want to buy most are all overseas, unable to be brought over due to America's xenophobic craze against ecchi.