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How Walt Disney Created Manga

Tiffany Martin writes: "When I think of Japan, I think of giant robots and delicious daifuku buns. I'm bound by my culture to imagine pizza and baseball when I think of the U.S.A; these things divide and identify our cultures. The culture-bound hard-wiring runs deep; it alters who we are, what we like, and what we buy. But we cannot truly grow as humans by ignoring influences from other cultures; after all, pizza and baseball both have roots in the Old World before being co-opted by America. Likewise, the Japanese comic art style was inspired by American artists before finding its own voice and style. Through this confluence of art and ideas, all cultures become enriched. Perhaps we should tear down the barriers which prevent most mature American audiences from appreciating Japanese manga, videogames and art style."

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seijuro4565d ago (Edited 4565d ago )

Good article, but the title is incorrect. Manga has been there from as long as the 19th century. Even if you just consider modern manga, while Disney certainly would have influenced it I do not find it appropriate to say that he "created" it. Although the latter is just my opinion.

Interesting read though, it summarizes one of the two major point of views regarding the creation of modern manga.