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Black Rock Shooter Footage to Premiere at Anime Expo

Blogger and Anime Expo guest Danny Choo confirmed on Sunday that Good Smile Company will provide him with "10+ minutes" of exclusive footage from the Black Rock Shooter anime project to screen at the July 1-4 convention in Los Angeles.

The 50-minute anime project showcases the Black Rock Shooter character illustrations by artist huke. Ryo's work inspired the musical artist Ryo to compose a "Black Rock Shooter" song
using the Vocaloid2 voice-synthesis character Miku Hatsune, and a "pilot edition" of anime has already been released in September.

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klado4564d ago

Hoping to watch this one, art style seem quite interesting, that and she does looks lot like Miku, Hope funi bring this over here soon enough.

Gestalt4563d ago

Yeah, I thought that, too, when I first saw it...

"Hey, Miku seems more scantily clad today..."