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Ask John: Are There Any Male Tsundere?

AnimeNation Writes; "Question: Seeing that the term “tsundere” can apply equally to either a male or female character (at least, according to Wikipedia), can John ever recall encountering an example of a male anime character with a tsundere personality – which, on first glance, is likely to be a very rare occurence? Answer: According to Lucky Star voice actor Minoru"...

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Reibooi4562d ago

I would say yeah there is. Off the top of my head Takeya from the anime DearS seems to fit the bill. In the beginning of the show he seems to hate Ren and even her kind to a certain extent but by the end he risks harm on himself to save her and in his own way admits he loves her and wants to be with her and it goes alot deeper in the manga.

There are plenty of other good examples as well but

squallheart4562d ago

i consider my self as an example o.o