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Naruto 499

Chapter 499 is out and it brings up new questions about Kushina's past

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klado4546d ago

Holy sht........................... ..this E3 has brainwashed me out of my basis, 3DS looks sweet but time to nail some naruto, thanks for the news. but add tag of naruto series, next time.

klado4546d ago

Ok, another great chapter, not as fresh as the last one but seeing as the Kyubi was done already makes it kinda rushed but guess the author want to end this quickly, what I don't understand is, isn't it supposed them both to be patner in order to completely be a Jinchuriki like Bee?

So what now, he has all the chakra alone!? is that so, doesn't sound pretty convincing, but I expected the kyubi wouldn't let his ars be domated, next chapter should be as interesting as the one before this, kinda knew her mother had to do with being a Jinchuriki.

deafwing4545d ago

the whole I use to PWND the kyubi thing.. I mean seriously ... they are opening some serious loop holes and questions in the back story ... well I guess it would give them an excuse to do a movie and cash in on it.

Myst4545d ago

Interesting chapter, but it looked as if Naruto turned on his hacks :P

LordMarius4545d ago


IMO it was predictable. Many already had seen that Kushina was a past host. Next week should be good though as they explore her past

Kabitzin4545d ago

I didn't see it coming; I thought that Kushina would just give Naruto a hug and be on her way like Minato.

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k2d4545d ago

I like this newsboiler network. Now I'll start comenting here on "ashinbun" aswell :)

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