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Valkyria Chronicles 2 - E3 2010: Demo Gameplay (Cam)

The cadets of Lanseal Military Academy see their first real action.

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seijuro4493d ago

Valkyria Chronicles is my favorite game this gen and have been waiting for this sequel since it has been announced. A bit disappointed its coming only on August 31, was hoping for June/July.

jwalkerz4493d ago

they were stupid makin it for psp. they lose cusstomers and fans

seijuro4493d ago

Well they were kind of forced to because the first game had mediocre sales. The PSP is less risky with lower development costs and lets them make the franchise more popular before a popular console sequel.

Would love to see VC on the PS3, but at least the entire series didn't get shafted due to low sales of the first and Im thankful for that.

rezznik4492d ago

That. While I would love me some more Valkyria Chronicles on the PS3, with the inclusion of trophies, it's just not practical given how much it costs to develop nex-gen games.

However, with the recent announcement of what I believe is the first truly HD portable handheld device, sorry PSP + iPhone/iPad, the 3DS, hopefully we'll start seeing developers like SEGA put games like this on Nintendo's system.

Just glad that the series is still continuing.