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Major Manga Scanlation Site Pulls 230 Unauthorized VIZ Media Titles

In the wake of last week's announcement of an anti-piracy coalition that includes over 40 Japan and U.S.-based manga publishers, reaction from fans and websites that host unauthorized scanned and translated comics (a.k.a. "scanlations") has been blowing up online forums and the manga blogosphere...

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Xof4556d ago

Nice to see some of the big English scanlation sites get taken down a notch. It's the super-popular sites like mangafox where the "average" fan pirates--the kind of people that don't visit sites like, say, this one--his or her manga.

I doubt it'll effect scanlations, but it should have a (positive) effect on sales, which is good to see. Even though I've given up on buying manga, long ago, and now mostly just hope for the light novel series' I'm interested in--Spice & Wolf, Full Metal Panic, Twelve Kingdoms, etc.

klado4556d ago (Edited 4556d ago )

Til they don't take sites like manga traders and so!, nothing to sing about, when those kind of site get shut, one step forth, don't know why they keep going with online scanlation site like those.

Funimation should be throwing they cents in the mix regarding anime sites, the same way, that if, but seem like they aren't giving much about.

klado4556d ago (Edited 4556d ago )

Btw...already read the article, looking hot, sure, bang them all, lets see what the fans are going to do, sure pull off, time to learn how to drop some money, thieves!.

Edit; At this piece of line...

"Reaction from Mangafox readers was almost immediate. A few were confused, some were emotionally anguished, more than a couple were angry and proposed a boycott of VIZ Media products. However, there were many forum participants who saw this change as justified and inevitable"...

There is no thing I hate the most than ignorant people...I mean, boycott what, and what for! for being stealing stuff since who/maybe god knows, ooh, better calm down, time to put that @ss off to work or ask mommy for some money, sure, they thought thing would go smooth for the rest of their life while animator, mangakas rot their ars down to hell, drawing for a bunch of good for nothing fans that only know how to steal...sheez and cheer!

Xof4556d ago

"How dare they try to keep me from stealing from them!"

Archaic4556d ago

If anything, their "boycott" would probably do good for the industry, since most of the merchandise they'd buy would be the cheap knock-offs anyway. Good riddance to bad rubbish. There is still a place for scanlation in the anime/manga fandom, most obviously with older already finished and collected series that appear unlikely to ever be licensed (unless scanlations make them popular enough). Scans of licensed and supported series however just puts us all in the crosshairs.

Noctis Aftermath4555d ago

I think most people go to the manga sites because it's easy and quick to read up on your favorite manga, no hassles, just a couple clicks of the mouse and you have a vast library of manga at your fingertips.

Provide the same service with minimal fee(or possibly free) that has hundreds of manga translated within days of release and then we can talk about taking down those sites, cause as it stands the illegal sites are providing people with what they want, there is nowhere to find that same service legal anywhere on the net.

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Xof4556d ago

I'd die without scanlations.

Mostly because the single greatest mangaka, in my opinion, has virtually NO material available in English. I'm talking, of course, of Adachi Mitsuru. Were it for sale, I would buy every single thing he has ever produced. Bleeding genius, he is.

seijuro4555d ago

A required action, because if this went on we would have seen a situation where scanlation as a whole was targeted and many good sites taken down. The whole purpose of scanlation was to be able to read manga that were not available in English, but these big ad supported sites turned it into piracy.

Hope we go back a few steps here and return to the situation where scanlations groups actually helped the sales.

Also an N4G affiliated site with sensible people does not compute.

squallheart4555d ago

I am really happy they are going after these sites, and to think some of these thieves complain that they will boycott. Let them its not like they were supporting the companies so it will not make an impact. I hope the do the same with anime as well. They are loosing a lot of money from sites that upload episodes.