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The first ever UK Cosplay Cruise Party on July 10th

The Cosplay Cruise will take place on July 10th 2010 aboard The Dixie Queen, the largest riverboat on the Thames, as it gently meanders down the river against the setting red light of early evening, through to the starlight canopy of midnight...

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Xof4491d ago

Maybe it's hypocritical for an "otaku" like myself to feel this way... but cosplayers freak me the hell out. They're just, you know, WAAAAAY to into it. I can't imagine being stuck on a boat with a bunch of 'em.

Eh, but what do I know. They're all probably really cool people, and probably have a lot of fun. I've got to ask: if this is the first ever UK cosplay cruise... does that mean there have been OTHER cosplay cruises?