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TechVoo - Eureka Seven First Season Blu-ray

TechVoo writes "I'm not much of an anime geek personally, however when Adult Swim first began airing Eureka Seven a few years back I got hooked on the show. Although the dub was well done I like watching things the way they were meant to be, so what better than a high definition, Japanese set of the first season"

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klado4479d ago

Interesting, I may as well purchase this, of the few anime that achieve my top five... not into anime anymore but this left me a slightly good impression, may just buy it for collection.

Why can't they just get a 50GB bluray and put all the episode in there...

NewNameNow4479d ago (Edited 4479d ago )

Agree, one of the few animes I've watched that I took to heart.

Tratious4478d ago

it's an upscale, and 36,000 yen is NOT $40, it's $400.

and Bandai Visual's store does not ship outside Japan.

jwalkerz4478d ago (Edited 4478d ago )

they loss customers then. pple will pirate it now

Reibooi4478d ago (Edited 4478d ago )

I HIGHLY doubt they lost customers. Yes people are gonna pirate it but they were always going to. Most That's just how the anime community is. As mentioned the price is near 400 bucks and no US customer is going to pay that. Even if it was the entire series no one would pay that. You can get the entire series on DVD for less then 100 bucks in the US(less then 75 bucks if you know where to look) So it's not like anyone would have bought it from the Bandai Visual store even if they did ship outside of Japan.

Not to mention if someone REALLY wanted it there are plenty of Proxy services that would easy pick it up for you and ship it. But again no one would pay the asking price for it.

Tratious4478d ago

most US customers will see the price and die from laughter, but some people do buy stuff that expensive like I spent $74 on my EVA 2.22 BD.

I know a few people who have paid the 600 dollars for the Clannad BD first season collection.

Archaic4478d ago

I've always wondered how it is that the Japanese market is able to sustain the insanely high prices for DVD's that it does. You'd think that they would've dropped long ago. Leaving them this high just makes piracy look like a more attractive option for Japanese customers, particularly with moves having been made to prevent them importing the much cheaper (and identical) US versions.

Reibooi4476d ago (Edited 4476d ago )


The reason they are able to keep going with those insane prices is because of the demographic they appeal to with anime. It's very similar to the experiment Geneon tried when first getting into the US market.

A simple explanation is that Geneon Released most DVD's at the price of 29.99 a somewhat high price for a single disc. They started to experiment by releasing some singles at the price of 19.99. What they found was that the lower DVD's still didn't sell more and cutting the price didn't bring in new consumers but instead just lost money. Basically they came to the conclusion that those who were going to buy something would have bought it at 29.99 anyway so there was no reason to cut the price as it wasn't helping expand the market.

It's similar over in Japan. Those who actually buy and support the anime industry there are willing to pay those kinds of prices and do so gladly. Lowering the price will not bring in enough consumers to offset the lose they are now taking because of the price cut.

It's partly because anime needs a much more broad appeal which is still something the industry is struggling to achieve.

Reibooi4478d ago (Edited 4478d ago )

I hate lines like this.

"Although the dub was well done I like watching things the way they were meant to be, so what better than a high definition, Japanese set of the first season!"

Yeah because the creators wanted people to be looking at the bottom of the screen reading subs... Kinda misses the point of it being a BLU-Ray if you ask me.

Yeah most of the Blu-rays coming out of Japan are upscales as most of these shows were never even animated in HD. They do look better then most of the up scales coming out here but then again there are alot more of them over in Japan. They are also VERY expensive so not really worth the money unless it's one of your favorite shows ever. As Tratious mentioned the price of 40 bucks in the article is WAY off it's closer to 400 which for half the series is crazy when you considering the 2nd half will be the same price making the entire thing cost around 800 bucks.

I really liked Eureka Seven it was a really great show but I would not think it would gain much from being on Blu-ray and a good upconverting DVD player can make it look almost as good anyway so I will still with that.

Archaic4478d ago

Agreed. As much as I would love to purchase some of the Japanese originals, I just can't justify that much outlay, when I can get a complete series here for $100 AUD.

klado4477d ago

Wait, even though it seem I'm late to the party...400 bucks for THE FIRST SEASON...are they in drugs, I pass, meh I'll stick to My DvD.