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MangaFox Pulls More Licensed Titles, Former Staff Member Speaks Out Writes; Deb Aoki of has published an in-depth article on MangaFox and its recent activity in removing licensed titles from Viz Media amongst other major US publishers. On top of that development, she also managed to speak with a former staffer that has opened up at length about the site’s parent company (based in China) and [...]

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klado4483d ago (Edited 4483d ago )

Lmao..does anyone know, how can people report others sites...poor Manga-fox, taking a fatality, well they asked for it after going so mainstream.

Reading some manga around, figured one manga, create another site called 1000mangas (specially for those licensed titles), this time seem like not so mainstream and can only be visited through a hidden link when you hit a removed manga, stealth huh, good luck with that.

Pirates have to fade.

Gestalt4478d ago

Reminds me of how some anime sites removed licensed series, but when you use the search function for them, it provides a link to the page they're all on, much like how you'd find a normal page by browsing, except only accessible by search. :P

Archaic4483d ago

The sooner groups like this go down, the sooner that the ethical scanlators can take back the stage, and go back to their original purpose...namely
a) Introducing people outside Japan to series that likely wouldn't be licensed otherwise, giving licensor's an idea of what series would actually work
b) Training up the next generation of manga translators. There's more than a few translators from fansub and scanlation circles who have since "gone legit". For instance....apparently Strato of a.f.k., who famously subbed Haruhi, went on to do the official translation of its light novels.