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Minori Chihara: “I Slept With My Little Brother”

Seiyuu Minori Chihara, best known for playing Nagato, has admitted to sleeping with her otouto.

From her own blog, speaking about a trip to her family’s home:

"What I was personally most pleased about this time was getting to sleep with my little brother. We talked about all kinds of things! ♥ ♥ ♥"

She relates other little brother related episodes frequently – “As ever I just love my little brother,” “Of course, the wallpaper on my mobile is of my little brother,” “I got to spend the whole day with him – delightful,” “Today was my little brother’s birthday!” etc.

Naturally 2ch is unanimous in enviously considering this boy the luckiest alive.

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Archaic4489d ago

Okay, so anyone who's actually read about this story knows that this is a bit of a fakeout, but after that H-manga story got itself up to 1240 temp and still counting, I figured that people here might forgive me for posting this one.....I won't do it often, I swear!

klado4488d ago (Edited 4488d ago )

Lol, so what did she say about this fake out...oh what some blogger do for some hits...

Archaic4488d ago

Well, she did actually say all that on her blog, and was 100% serious when she said it. The fakeout I was referring to was in the sense that there's nothing sexual here whatsoever, despite what the headline from Sankaku seemed to promise.

deafwing4488d ago (Edited 4488d ago )

you're becoming a tabloid artist, end point. The minute you twist things like that, you've already fallen to the darkside, so stop making promises that you know you'll never keep. lol :D

Archaic4488d ago

Okay, I admit it, if the MDN Waiwai was still being put online, you'd see almost every single one they published up here.

I can't help it, look at the temperature these kinds of stories are getting. ^^;;; If it's only once a week or so, it's fine....right? Right? ^^;;;;

frjoethesecond4488d ago

Lol, slightly misleadin to those with dirty minds.

Archaic4488d ago

Judging that the temperature of this one is now up to 1140, it's easy to see what kinds of stories attract attention from people on the rest of the newsboiler network when they get into the bottom bar.

seijuro4487d ago

Can't blame the "dirty mind" for this. Something like this is usually not quoted as a news title if there wasn't anything like that there.