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New Anime Licensor Needs Help

The prospective commercial anime distributor New Voice Productions, run “by fans, for fans” has announced a tentative plan to acquire domestic distribution rights to the independent sci-fi OAV Hoshizora Kiseki...

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tplarkin74487d ago

If they want to generate donations, it can't be blind. We need to see something. There's no bio's of voice actors. No sound bites. Nothing.

I find it hard to believe that the creator would license his work to amateurs.

Archaic4487d ago

It's happened before, but I have to say that I'm very sceptical about this myself. I'd want to know a lot more about this new company before I'd risk investing in such a risky venture. By fans, for fans, they say. Unless they're big name fans who'd those who've been around in the community for long enough would recognise (someone on the level of Strato or EdwardK), then I simply wouldn't trust them on their "fan" credentials.