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Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood 62

Sea Slugs Writes; I like how Father saved the king's soul just so he could recreate him then vapourize him right away

We quickly flash back to the end of the previous episode where a ground-level Father decides to harvest some soldiers for Philosopher’s Stone power. In a bit of a retcon (previously Father succeeded in making a stone, although I bet now I’ll get comments that say “look closely Epi you idiot those guys are dead”), we see Hohenheim coming up to save the soldiers by attacking Father. As everyone else shows up, Hohenheim taunts Father by asking him what use is a Homunculus god if he can only destroy but not create. In response Father decides to pluck out some souls from within his stone and recreate some of the people of Xerxes including the king (who recognizes Hohenheim). As everyone reels in disgust, Father decides to throw out a mega blast to kill our heroes...

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klado4482d ago

Anyone watching this series, kinda interesting, but after seeing a spoiler..well a image of eward and friends hugging the crp out of themselves with a big smile all toguether, gave me enough proof for a princess end...which lead me to not watch the series nor the manga...not that I don't like happy ending but, first series was just my cup of tea.