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Are Scanlation Sites Playing Hide-and-Seek With Manga Publishers? Writes; Late last week, comics-industry watchers were astonished to hear that popular manga scanlation-hosting site MangaFox pulled unauthorized scans for over 230 manga series licensed in the U.S. by VIZ Media, and over 100 additional manga series per requests from various scanlation groups. But in the face of mounting legal pressure, are scanlation sites like MangaFox really complying with cease-and-desist orders from publishers, or are they playing a game of hide-and-seek?...

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klado4476d ago

Hell they do, even creating another site exclusive for these licensed release...sheez, they just don't learn, do they?

seijuro4475d ago (Edited 4475d ago )

Direct scans and english manga, nothing new here. Sites like mangafox have been into piracy long ago and this was well known.

But I don't like that L7 article being quoted everywhere either. Many of the series it pointed out weren't "child porn" or anything of the sort. Its things like these that helps spread the extreme misconceptions about Manga. At least where I live I can't really admit this hobby of mine thanks to these.

Gestalt4474d ago

If anything, this probably only fuels the hype that non-informed people already have towards manga, unfortunately. And likewise, as well, I don't admit my hobby of manga for this very reason as well.