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Mania: Hikaru no Go Episode #64 Review


Hikaru no Go gives us a nice no-impact episode here that allows us to revisit Hikaru and Sai when they were together and still fairly new to the whole experience. It's a bit more overt with its comedy and silly factor as well as dealing with Go in a more basic manner since Hikaru wasn't really up to speed on things. While it's a throw-away episode overall, it's one that does remind you of where the series once was at times and just how much it's changed over the course of its run, just before it enters the final run to the series conclusion. It's not a bad episode but it's one I can easily see myself being frustrated by during the original broadcast run since I'd want more of the main storyline and not this one done to give the animators a bit of breathing room after an already long run on the series.

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