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Mania: Giant Killing Episode #14 Review


Giant Killing does a really good job of spending some quality time with the rest of the cast by looking at everyone outside of the team itself. While the team is what they're all there for, without the fans and support the team can go only so far. Showcasing the importance of all these other players in the series with how they invigorate and inspire each other and the kind of dedication they have to the team and organization is important in building up what it really takes to win. The team does most of the heavy lifting at the key times, but without all of this there wouldn't really be a team of this nature. The focus on a variety of characters is welcome and a lot of it is spent with Yuri which is a nice change of pace since we get some femininity into it while still keeping to the overall themes. The fans that populate this show are some of the best and are the exact kinds you want supporting your team. They add to the show just right.

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