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Mania: High School of the Dead Episode #01 Review


The opening episode to High School of the Dead is exactly what I wanted out of the show based on the promo video. What we get here is the introduction of a couple, but not all, of the key players and a whole lot of violence and bloodshed. There aren't any seriously stupid moments here where you roll your eyes at the characters as they do something they shouldn't. The lead realizes this isn't a video game or a movie but rather real life and his life is at stake. Takashi takes a hard edge to protect himself and those that are still normal. There's a lot to like here if you're looking for something beyond the usual high school dramas and comedies of the last few years but it remains to be seen whether they can bring in a really good story with some strong hooks to make it work. It's off to an excellent start though with a lot of promise just from the visual quality and that it's not holding much of anything back.

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Archaic4474d ago

Personally, I don't like this series, but I can certainly see it becoming massively popular for the following reasons.

a) Zombies & Gore
b) Breasts & Panties

Seriously, it's like this series was made for American male teen consumption.

4474d ago