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Japanese fans outraged at PokéBeach theater leak

PokéBeach webmaster Water Pokémon Master has leaked multiple images from Movie 13 on his website, outraging Japanese fans who have reported him to law enforcement as well as Nintendo and Pokémon officials for breaking a strict Japanese piracy law.

Currently living in Japan, the Pokémon enthusiast allegedly brought a recording device into a movie theater airing the newest Pokémon movie, Ruler of Illusions: Zoroark and took pictures during advertisements in the film, including one for Black and White in the beginning of the movie. 2chan's users begun reporting him to authorities for illegal behavior and are calling to others to do so as well.

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Archaic4464d ago

Japanese legal system = Serious business
You do NOT want to screw with them.

jwalkerz4464d ago

just for takin pictures at a threater at leakin it -_-

Archaic4464d ago

The Japanese recently put in much stricter laws on this sort of thing. IIRC, it's illegal to even bring a camera or other recording device into the cinema, even if you don't use it (though how they reconcile that will mobile phone cameras, I have no idea).