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Mania Review: Heroman Episode #15


Much of the second half of this episode is dedicated to the action as Minami has the military trying to gun them down and then he uses his own creations to try and showcase how awesome he is. The action is decent but I continue to find Dr. Minami to be the weakest of links in this series and really wouldn't mind seeing him utterly crushed somehow. I continue to like how this series avoids some of the usual approaches when it comes to confusion where they fight instead of talking as it shows a bit more maturity and reality to it. Joey and Hughes are an interesting combination but I can't help but feel like Hughes is just using every tool he has to in order to get Heroman at least under their observation in a clean way. There's a lot to like here and there's some welcome action, but the main reason for it just doesn't give it the kind of inspiration it needs. But after the last episode or two, it's the start of a welcome turnaround.

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