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Sony Pulls Bare Anime Breasts from PlayStation Network

Sony has pulled a TV episode from the PlayStation Network after offering it for free and then discovering that it contained naked women, breast bondage, and acid-spitting nipples.

The anime episode Queen's Blade: Season 1: Episode 1: High Spirits – The Vagrant Warrior was rated TV-MA according to the PlayStation Store, but that didn't stop the TV show from being deposited in the video store's "Free TV" section. Once the 322 MB file was downloaded, users could watch the show, which ends after the main character strips down naked, puts on a suit of armor and locks the main enemy in a bear hug so that the foe's nipples can't discharge the acid inside her breasts. The enemy's breasts expand like balloons, explode and kill her. The official PlayStation Store description that ran with the free episode referenced the enemy's demise: "Reina defeats Melona by stopping the acid that shoots from her breasts."

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jwalkerz4462d ago

when i first read about this i went to animeseed just to watch the episode to see what the fussed was about

Sweety85874462d ago

Well color me shocked that they would allow a series to go through without properly seeing what its about. I havent seen Queens Blade but I knew that its got LOTS of bare breasts and...other stuff >>

Archaic4462d ago

I do get the impression that the problem here wasn't so much that there was bare breasts, but that as a "cartoon", it having bare breasts would be a bad thing. Which honestly is kind of understandable, as I recall on several occasions when I was younger and browsing through anime VHS having to have a word on the side to a parent who was about to get their kid in primary school something like Ninja Scroll because he liked Karate Kid. There's a remarkable number of people who don't look at those ratings.

Reibooi4462d ago

Honestly I don't think that was the issue. The issue was the episode was up on PSN for free so anyone could download and watch it. Children included. Because of that they pulled it.

Proof of that being the issue and not boobs in a animated show is that other episodes of Queen's Blade are still up on PSN but they each cost a fee for the download.

Archaic4461d ago

Don't have a PS3, so I wasn't aware of that. Thanks for that. Very interesting.

4460d ago