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Mania Review: Persona - Trinity Soul - Box Set 1 Premium Edition


My expectations for the show wasn't high since a lot of game to anime conversions don't go over well for a number of reasons. What I got out of Persona is a series that takes its time to tell the story it wants to tell and doesn't rush it. It's a very character driven story that takes the Personas and places them in a background role, at least for much of this set, as it deals with a family that's coping with some serious problems that will exist for a lifetime. While doing that, it introduces several other plot elements that are slowly becoming woven together as it reveals the various layers it wants to delve into. Some shows can be frustrating in this format, but with all the pieces that makes up Persona, I came away from this set really intrigued by it and wanting to know more and more about it on every level. It's not a show for everyone to be sure, but it's one that hit me at the right time and kept me engaged throughout it.

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