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Gundam Unicorn, Gurren Lagann Movies Get Wider Distribution

Two different titles from different studios finally get a bit more distribution for fans worldwide to take advantage of. Up until recently, the only way to get Gundam Unicorn from Bandai Visual was through the source or on Amazon while the two Gurren Lagann movies, in both regular and limited editions, could only be had from the Bandai Store via a deal that Aniplex USA set up.

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4518d ago
Xof4515d ago

And here I am, thinking my $35 amazon pre-order price was too expensive! (For those that don't know, the Unicorn blu-ray is only 50 minutes of animation, no special features or anything to speak of, with a $50 MSRP).

And weren't they going to release a DVD version?

Oh well. Somebody wake me up when Episode 2 gets a release date.