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Mania Review: Shiki Episode #02


With ten people dead in a short period of time from mysterious circumstances, the possibility of an epidemic is pretty plain even if it does have a far more insidious feeling about all of it. Simple things that could be attributed to it, summer colds, the oppressive heat, anemia, are all things that would make you not think twice about why someone died from a medical perspective. But with more complicated deaths coming into play as we saw in the first episode and the lifeless way some people are starting to look, Toshio's investigation does a good job of setting up the mood for the medical side of the mystery and how it looks to someone who will look at it logically and tries to break it down. Shiki is slowly, but not ploddingly, laying down a fascinating show that has me wondering what the reality behind it is and eager to find out - in good time.

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